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Through our content, our goal is to encourage more youth to make creations that solve real-world problems and create artistic expressions that reflect culture and identity.

An image showing Minecraft gameplay.

Introductory Minecraft Video Walkthroughs


Minecraft is a versatile game that can provide a space to create, build, explore and play. Through brief walkthrough videos, this module will introduce Minecraft to students and provide a brief overview of crafting, food and biomes. Thank you to ...

An image of Unreal software in use.

Unreal Engine 4 Video Walkthrough

Game Design

Free to use, Unreal Engine 4 can be downloaded and installed to classroom computers as well as personal systems at no cost. This module will do an introductory walkthrough the Unreal Engine 4 interface and tools. This is a great entry point ...

An image of a teenager working at their computer.

How The Internet Works: Part 2

Computer Fundamentals

The Internet allows us to connect with each other in a multitude of ways; it is easier than ever to contact people. We can easily interact with others with no expectation of further interactions. Furthermore we can interact anonymously without ...

An image of students working on a computer.

How The Internet Works Part 1

Computer Fundamentals

Part One of this module series explains the address system used to transmit messages across the Internet. Many modern programs and apps send information over the Internet, and in return many libraries and APIs have tools devoted to that use. ...

An image of two girls progamming Dash to move.

Programming With Dash And Dot

Game Design

When programming it’s important to understand how each programming block will direct the robot move. Students will learn how to visualize a solution to a programming challenge and then program the robot accordingly. By the end of this module ...

A screenshot displaying the results of entering a grep command.

Regular Expressions

Computer Fundamentals

In this module students will learn about regular expressions. What they are in theory and in practice, as well as how to use them to search and navigate digital texts. Given the complexity of regular expressions, with various implementations, subtle ...

An image of a child looking at their computer at a Code Club session.

Introduction To Blender: Part 2

Art Design

Introduction to Blender Part 2 will teach students how to model something more complex, duplicate, and hide objects. As well as introduce more tools that Blender uses to edit objects. The learning goal of this module is to add more books ...

An image of a girl working on her laptop during a Code Club session.

Introduction To Blender: Part 1

Art Design

Students will be introduced to 3D modeling using Blender. This module will teach students some of the basic menus and modes used in Blender. Students will be encouraged to take these skills and model their own ideas. With this course ...

An image of a 3D modeling creation made in Blender.

Intermediate 3D Modeling In Blender

Art Design

Students will be introduced to a technique for 3D modeling using Blender. Students will be encouraged to take these skills and model their own ideas. At the end of the module students should be able to create something symmetrical in 3...

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