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Daniel Nikpayuk

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Daniel Nikpayuk is an Inuvialuk from Inuvik/Aklavik, currently residing in Edmonton, Alberta. He has a university degree in mathematics, and plans to build his own programming language to assist in Indigenous multimedia and storytelling.

Written By Daniel

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How The Internet Works: Part 2

6 May, 2019

The Internet allows us to connect with each other in a multitude of ways; it is easier than ever to contact people. We can easily interact with others with no expectation of further interactions. Furthermore ... The objective of this module ...

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How The Internet Works Part 1

6 May, 2019

Part One of this module series explains the address system used to transmit messages across the Internet. Many modern programs and apps send information over the Internet, and in return many libraries and APIs have ... The main objective of this ...

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Regular Expressions

3 May, 2019

In this module students will learn about regular expressions. What they are in theory and in practice, as well as how to use them to search and navigate digital texts. Given the complexity of regular expressions, with various implementations, subtle ...

A screenshot displaying the waveform of an audio recording adjacent to its spectrogram in sonic visualiser.

Signal Processing Part 2

26 April, 2019

As stated in Part One, signal processing forms the foundation of the current multimedia revolution. Part Two is intended to demonstrate basic, but important, audio and image editing applications, that we otherwise take for granted ... Audacity explores how to read ...

A preview image of a sine wave.

Signal Processing

1 November, 2018

In Part One of this module, students will be introduced to the theoretical behaviours (of oscillation) needed to interpret patterns within the physical world as signals. At this level, the focus is on being able ... Signal processing forms the foundation ...

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