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Ryan Oliver

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Ryan is the Founder of Pinnguaq. His experience includes eight years in the Economic Development and Transportation Department in Nunavut and six years as the Executive Director of Pinnguaq. He has conceptualized and delivered the te(a)ch program since its inception and has a solid portfolio of business and community relationships in Nunavut that support the project.

Written By Ryan

An image of a goose flying over wetlands, made on Scratch.

Goose Hunt In Scratch

30 April, 2019

This module teaches how to create a goose hunting game. The goal of the game is to “hunt” as many geese as possible before the timer runs out, therefore the instructions include how to keep ... By the end of this ...


CanCode 1 Reflections

4 April, 2019

Pinnguaq started hosting ‘Code Clubs’ in 2012 in Pangnirtung, NU. Centred around the idea that the more we could empower youth to create with technology, the more opportunities would be available and open to them in life. Over the following years, ...

An image showing the algorithm activity being taught during a Code Club session.

Introduction To Algorithms

28 March, 2019

A programming algorithm is a computer procedure that is a lot like a recipe. Through a series of precise steps an algorithm tells your computer precisely what steps to take to solve a problem or ... In this module students will ...


The Pinnguaq Lifecycle

21 March, 2019

March 12, 2013 was the day we were formally incorporated as a Canadian, not-for-profit organization. We had been on the journey for close to a year before that but this was the moment that marked our legal birthday, and the date from ...

An image showing a group of students playing the X/Y Memory Grid game.

X/Y Memory Grid

22 October, 2018

The X and Y coordinates on a computer screen are used as reference points for objects and used frequently in the development of software and video games. It is how the placement of items on ... To provide students with a ...

A preview of the Trip to the Moon game.

Introduction To Animation And Movement In Scratch

12 June, 2018

The game we are going to make is based on a book called “Trip to the Moon.” The book was written by Vera Evic, an author from Pangnirtung, Nunavut, and was illustrated by various artists, ... Students will learn how to ...

An image of the game Beneath Floes.

Beneath Floes Developer Donates Income To Inuit Ilagit

29 May, 2018

Something new is coming to te(a)ch! Kevin Snow is a writer, storyteller, Twine developer, and a member of Bravemule, a US-based game company. A few years ago he created a game called Beneath Floes which is about the ...

The Mushkegowuk Council logo.

Mushkegowuk Partnership

2 May, 2018

During the process of applying for the CanCode grant, we were approached by the Mushkegowuk Council – which provides support for Attawapiskat First Nation, Chapleau Cree First Nation, Fort Albany First Nation, Kashechewan First Nation, Missanabie Cree First Nation, Moose Cree ...

A student participating in a te(a)ch session.

Rankin Inlet Session – The Best One Yet

26 March, 2018

The hardest part of any te(a)ch session is when it is ending. On the last day it hits everyone, kids and instructors alike, that it’s ending and come tomorrow we won’t be getting together for the ...

A student participating in a Code Club session.

Hiring In Nunavut – We Need Your Help

7 December, 2017

Over the next six months, Pinnguaq plans to hire between three to six positions in Nunavut. This will add to the staff we have in Pangnirtung and be our first staff in Iqaluit. Our first position is already posted – it ...

Students participating in a Code Club session.

September 2017 Report

13 September, 2017

It’s been a fantastic year so far for the te(a)ch program – but it’s only a preview of what is to come. As we ramp up the program with some major announcements coming in Q4 of 2017, we ...

A student participating in a Code Club session.

Going To Post Secondary School? CFSN Can Help

13 July, 2017

Are you going to post secondary school and need a computer? Computers for Success Nunavut would be happy to help you. Please visit their website to apply for a computer. Computers for Success Canada (CFSC) refurbishes donated computers and distributes ...

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