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Alyssa Amell

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Alyssa Amell is an Indigenous artist and an arts advocate. Alyssa believes being close to art is very important, that art doesn’t have to be on paper or on your computer, rather something you experience all around you. When you love art, it becomes an extension of your heart and how you express your thoughts and ideas of the world. Every thought becomes an idea for a new creation.

Written By Alyssa

An image showing Minecraft gameplay.

Introductory Minecraft Video Walkthroughs

10 May, 2019

Minecraft is a versatile game that can provide a space to create, build, explore and play. Through brief walkthrough videos, this module will introduce Minecraft to students and provide a brief overview of crafting, food ... This lesson aims to introduce ...

An image of a child looking at their computer at a Code Club session.

Introduction To Blender: Part 2

2 May, 2019

Introduction to Blender Part 2 will teach students how to model something more complex, duplicate, and hide objects. As well as introduce more tools that Blender uses to edit objects. The learning goal of this module is to add more books ...

An image of a girl working on her laptop during a Code Club session.

Introduction To Blender: Part 1

2 May, 2019

Students will be introduced to 3D modeling using Blender. This module will teach students some of the basic menus and modes used in Blender. Students will be encouraged to take these skills and model their ... With this course students will ...

An image of a brown 3D house built on SketchUp.

Introduction To SketchUp For 3D House Modeling

25 April, 2019

Students will learn how to model a 3D house in SketchUp. 3D modeling is a talent that requires continuous learning as each modeling software has its own unique interface. SketchUp is easier to learn than ... Here is an example of ...

Voxel Art

Started From The Bottom, Now She’s Here

7 March, 2019

My name is Alyssa Amell and I work at Pinnguaq as a Jr Environment Artist. Within my role as a Jr. Environment Artist, I model and texture compelling assets that will later be used in video games and online projects. ...

An image showing sample voxel art.

Creating Voxel Art With MagicaVoxel

22 October, 2018

In this module students will learn how to create three-dimensional pixel art with MagicaVoxel. Voxel art is used in many ways, especially in video game design. Minecraft is a great example of a game built ... Voxel art software such as ...

An image of a dog created using Inkscape

Creating Art In Inkscape

16 October, 2018

In this course students will learn: Inkscape can be confusing, but if you take the time to learn it, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to create wonderful works of art, like these: Even knowing how to ...

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A set of three cartoon jellyfish